War: Film & Photographs


I arrived Sunday evening at Giuseppe’s house, head filled with aches and hungry to the bottom of my back. Soon rectified by bowls full of pasta, pain killers and good company, I stroked grey, long-haired cat Cocoa and beautiful Bantam hens in the warmth of a late June garden. Heading to bed in the early morning, we were set for the 5:30am wake up call.

As well as playing a small part in the short film, it was my job throughout the day to record BTS footage. So I rushed downstairs to grab my camera and load it with batteries and formatted SD card and began filming every little thing occurring at 5am that morning. I super enjoyed having this job as I love documenting candid and exciting moments, especially when we’re doing something as visually interesting as a shoot. I need to work on my camera focusing ability when capturing fleeting moments, but I’m very happy with the tonality and colour of the pictures, enhanced in editing. It was a pleasure to be part of this film and have the chance to document what goes on between takes.


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