What’s Occurring?: update

Having time to write quite a lot has been really lovely, it’s just a shame that most of what I’ve done recently requires time before sharing it on here. So, here are a few things I’ve been up to and thinking about instead.
Firstly, I’m performing with a show in London and Edinburgh over the next couple of months and reading at my local poetry festival, which I cannot wait for. I’ve been kind of prepping by editing and organising the new material written at uni into some sort of order. I’m super excited and really hope it’s as successful and purely enjoyable as last year.img_1110-21.jpgIn terms of film, I wrote and shot my first independent short a week ago. However, my editing software isn’t complying at all and has begun to distort various audio clips, which is really disheartening. I want it to be as fresh as possible so I’m waiting out the less inspirational period and keeping the pace up with other short projects; using footage shot in an afternoon and taking an hour or so to edit. We have quite a few larger projects on the way as well. Being at home with my mates who are so ready to help out and get going is really fab. We spent one cool evening sipping left over squash in Matthew’s conservatory just bouncing ideas off one another and beginning to organise actors and shoots. It was so refreshing to relax and talk with like-minded people and be productive again.

SPS15417051616211 (1)Finally, here’s an odd film photo. I was on an April walk with Giuseppe, Matthew and his two spaniels: Molly and Maisie. This is the very beginning of the film, so it burnt out, but Molly still managed to sneak in. I feel it possesses a kind of goldeness that was so unlikely. I’m obsessed with the warm oranges and deep green which produce such a rich and natural quality in the image. I’m hoping to be able to afford to develop some of the film from my recent trip to Italy and publish more poetry on here very soon.

Moving back home was a bit of a jolt. So when keeping busy isn’t enough, I’ve compiled a short list of sweet tunes that’ll keep you going and make you shout ‘obviously yes!!’


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