Leeds, Part One: Photographs

Kodacolour 200 35mm Colour Film on a Pentax P30T

As I said in my Goodbye post, I’ve been experimenting with my dad’s old Pentax. Between rehearsals, I had time to wander about around Leeds’ gorgeously sunny campus. I’ve learnt from the multiple rolls of film I’ve had developed that inside photos hadn’t work out all that well, especially since I hadn’t used a tripod or flash – definitely my own fault – so venturing outside had become more and more appealing.

After the disappointment in the quality of previous film, I was very pleased with sharpness of the photographs of buildings on campus. The first two images aren’t composed particularly well, the framing is both wonky and uninteresting. Rather than hastily snapping subjects, embarrassed of what the people passing might think, I’m now trying to take more time assessing what I want in an image.

I am very happy with the 3rd and 4th photos; the contrast of the clear blue sky is a real stand out, even against similarly toned, grey stone. The time of day had been a blessing in terms of  how shadows cast, creating a greater depth and dimension to the photos. I was especially pleased with No. 4, as, due to the fact it was taken from the inside looking out, there are reflections of electric light and dark window frame. I think the layering in the image adds an interest it wouldn’t have otherwise attained.

The final two photos of the daffodils possess a quality of colour that is really appealing to me. The deep green and rich yellow become almost vintage; the harsh March sun making the flowers dreamily hazy. As in earlier pictures I’ve talked about, the film was at the end of its roll and started to come undone from the spool but caught back onto the teeth, creating the double exposure effect. While this was completely accidental, I’m pleased with how it turned out, so I must find out how to do it bloody deliberately.

This is the first set of photos I’ve taken in Leeds, I have another roll ready to be developed, so that will be up at a later date.


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