Goodbye: Film & Photographs


The film here are some of the first photographs I’ve had developed from my dad’s old Pentax P30T. I’ve never used an slr camera before, so I’ve been getting through quite a few rolls in order to see what works and what doesn’t.

I was invited on a film shoot by Tom and Giuseppe, which took place in the North East on March 31st. In the morning, we packed up all our equipment and night-bags and started off on the smooth journey along the East’s windy country roads, the car filled with music. We were staying over at Giuseppe’s friends’ house in order to obtain all the shots needed, so once we’d arrived, we unpacked and settled ourselves into our hosts’ beautiful Georgian home.

We began the evening with an hour’s shoot down by the river, only a pleasant half a mile’s walk in the Spring’s sun. Despite the changes in light throughout, Giuseppe and Tom were pleased with the scene they shot, so we carried all the gear back to the house along the fading country lanes. The night started by surrounding the table with as many chairs as we could pack in. Starved after being out in the cool for a while, I wolfed down the gorgeously homemade tomato pasta and middle class, crème fraîche and pine nut salad. We followed this with slices of pizza and ginger wine warmed with whiskey, before sleeping soundly, happy and well-fed.

Starting early in the morning, we set off with all our kit to various pre-scouted locations, including two breathtaking high-force waterfalls, which I experimented with when taking photos, by varying the shutter speed. My favourite place, however, had to be Hamsterly Forest. The day was relatively bright, but that changed as we entered the edges of the trees; we were sunk into a brown, warm dark, the yellow light from outside cracking in between the high branches. The narrow, winding path we strayed off was deepened and muddied by the tires of mountain bikes. We struggled with the equipment past low and painfully-spiked limbs of the dense trees into an enclosed clearing and got to work. The hour or so we spent, surrounded by spring birds and high topped boughs, was wonderfully calm; the other four cast and crew members absolutely knew what they were doing and adapted when necessary.

We comfortably finished all the shots we needed with time to spare. It was a pleasure to have such an efficient and enjoyable couple of days with everyone there. This has to have been one of my favourite shoots I’ve been on. I’ll link the final film when completed.


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