Waste Beneath The Waves: Film & Photographs

35mm film from a disposable camera

My good friend Giuseppe was commissioned to make a video for The Cumbria Wildlife Trust back in December, so of course I ended up going along and helping. The Trust wanted him to create a film highlighting the dangerous amount of waste that is appearing on our beaches – in 2015, 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution alone ended up in the world’s oceans. The final short film was to be shown at a variety of exhibitions, along with art made from the waste cleaned from beaches, all created by primary schools across the local area.

Giuseppe came up with the concept of a girl decorating an old helmet found on a beach, which I felt was unsanitary, but there we are – the things we do for art. We began filming the messy painting process on Giuseppe’s kitchen table. The same shot is maintained throughout the video from the perspective of the piece of plastic, this was done by rigging both camera and helmet securely onto a tripod, ensuring we had the ability to be mobile.

After obtaining all the shots we required, we set off with our wonderful actress to Silverdale beach. Despite there being a sharp winter wind across the bay, Florence continued to absolutely beam, wrapping herself up in a scarf between takes of running over the soggy sand. Everyone was so efficient, we finished with time to spare and hopped right back into the warm van and headed back home.

We visited one of the exhibitions in Barrow to see everything put together with the children’s art. I was taken aback by how beautiful and uncannily cartoon-like each piece looked; especially falling in love with some sardines made of various metal cans, hung from lengths of fishing wire. Not only did this project, along with the children’s art, help to positively highlight one of the largest issues currently evident in our environment, but was was also a delight to be a part of.

Project Website: http://www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk/news/2017/01/17/clean-beaches-great-art


Waste Beneath the Waves:


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