Women’s March 2017

These are a few of the photos I took when I had the pleasure of walking in one of the many marches occurring around the world. The Women’s March was a united protest for the rights of women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ people that have been threatened during the recent Presidential election.

Whilst my little Northern English city is over 3000 miles from Washington, I know that the majority of women living here don’t feel far removed from the disturbing, misogynistic attitudes expressed by many. It was amazing to walk with such a wonderfully passionate and diverse group of people; hear their chants and see their beautiful homemade signs. The police supervising the march did a fantastic job, the atmosphere remained calm and everything carried on smoothly. The protest felt compelling and hopeful, yet I couldn’t even begin to imagine the numbers turning out for marches across the Atlantic. With 3 million protesting in the US, 500,000 estimated in D.C. alone, this has been reported as the largest inaugural protest in history.

The incredible solidarity displayed by the women, men and children in my local area and across the globe is both moving and inspiring, especially in such a time where our safety and citizenship is being questioned. I believe this has been an assertive, historical exhibition and continued resilient resistance of integrity.

Find out more: https://www.womensmarch.com/


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