September waters: photographs

The pleasure of living near people who have barns for autumn parties. These were taken in the earlyish hours of the morning after a cute do, hosted by Ruth, before everyone left for university.

Sam, Pete, Giuseppe and I carried on the tradition of a walk by the water on the morning succeeding one of Ruth’s lovely events. We emerged from the deeply green wood onto one of the stone-strewn shores overlooking the lake. After a few minutes two ladies made their way onto the beach. They undressed to reveal thick wet suits and began to walk into the September waters. We watched as they swam further out, seemingly heading towards one of the islands, before we made our own way back to the house.

As you can see, I attempted to take a photo of all three of the boys on the beach but my finger had other ideas and managed to get in the way. This was one of the last times we were all going to see each other before heading our separate ways that September; I was frustrated when I got the film back, as I can only imagine what a sweet and meaningful picture that would have made. However, I can learn from this and make sure I’m super careful when taking future photos. Regardless, we had a great time and I’m happy with how the rest of the film came out.

I’m pleased to say we’ve all had a relatively smooth start to the academic year and there’s a Christmas get together scheduled very soon. I can’t wait to see everyone back together again.


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