Summer walking: photographs

Film developed from a walk on a gorgeous day in late August with Giuseppe. We were planning to walk from one scar to another, but my small Italian friend managed to persuade me to take a different route, claiming: ‘It’s fun to improvise’. We ended up spending a few hours wandering from field to field, clambering over stiles and gates in order to find a way to the country road.

We came across what looked to be a disused enclosure and decided to have a closer look. A couple of pheasants flew up as we approached. After taking a few steps further, the undergrowth erupted. We watched as hundreds of the birds exploded in a squawking mass, their wings snapping and whirring in a red and orange disarray. It was at this point we realised we were probably trespassing. This suspicion was furthered with the appearance of an electric fence. We quickly headed to the nearest path and made our way home.


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