Venice, 13th-16th

Spending time in Venice was surreal and super exciting almost purely for the fact that Giuseppe was so hyped to be back. We arrived around midday at the station before the excruciating walk to our hotel. We were both incredibly tired and my bag was beginning to pull on my back, this wasn’t helped by the fact we got lost a few times in Venice’s winding streets.

After a few complications upon arrival we finally manged to settle into our room, have well needed showers and a lovely dinner in the square. We spent the next few days wandering around the city and enjoying the seaside air. I especially loved one evening where we sat in a relatively empty Campo Santa Maria Formosa and listened to some quiet jazz played by a solitary busker.

One day we visited the gorgeous island of Burano. I very much enjoyed the boat ride and wrote the poem Ones and Zeros on the way over. It was really cool to see how Venetian boats are the equivalent of a bus system. The actual island itself was as beautiful and colourful as Giuseppe had described, although there weren’t as many cats as I was promised, and whilst the majority of shops were lace-based, this was to be expected.

We returned in the evening to have the coolest time at a concert performed by I Virtuosi Italiani in the Vivaldi church. The head violinist was so passionate about the music he was playing and who could only be described as an absolute legend. As we made our way back from the concert ready for an early night’s sleep, we stumbled across a live film shoot of an opera scene which we had seen being set up over the past few days in Piazza San Marco.

We were super excited and interested, as film production is an industry into which both Giuseppe and I wish to enter. After about half an hour of being mesmerised by the shiny equipment, boxes labelled ‘Hollywood’ being wheeled past and cool directors with their headsets and moustaches, Giuseppe mustered up the courage to query one of the staff as to what was going on. She explained to us that they were filming the finale for an American TV show and they had been in Venice for the past 5 weeks. She was really nice and spoke to us for the next 10 minutes before heading back to work.

We finally walked to our hotel around 1am, but the experience of seeing the shoot was well worth the few hours sleep we got. Waking up at 6am was a damn pain, but we made it to the boat bus on time and got ourselves to Venice airport.

It was so strange to be back in rainy England and catching our final train which took us home, after being away in the sun for what seemed like an age. We were ready for a good night’s sleep in our own beds and getting back to wearing coats again… I feel so lucky to have had such a cool holiday and I hope to get back to sweet Italy some time soon.


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