Florence, 9-12th July

Our time spent in Florence was incredible, and also happened to be the longest we stayed in one city. Upon arriving in the evening we headed out to find a supermarket. Unfortunately, we quickly realised that the shops were pretty much all shut by 8pm. Hungry and tired, some people may have seen this as an obstacle. We, however, saw it as a prime opportunity to experience an American Diner in Italy!


As you can see, Giuseppe wasn’t too happy about the American-Diner-in-the-most-iconic-Italian-city situation.

Waking up the next day in the cool of our air-conditioned room was a pleasant and rare occurrence. We stepped out into the full Florentine heat, which reached its peak of 37 degrees by the third day.

Some highlights of the city included seeing the breathtakingly beautiful Cathedral of Sante Maria del Fiore and climbing its dome, eating the most delicious watermelon outside Michael Angelo’s David, visiting the Uffizi gallery and seeing The Birth of Venus, as well as visiting an exhibition on women’s Italian fashion throughout the 20th century at the Boboli Gardens.

However, my favourite thing to experience was walking through the Piazza della Signoria and hearing the familiar music of Dancing Queen boom across the square. It was genuinely one of the coolest and most bizarre things just to sit in a giant group on the pavement next to my best friend, grinning from ear to ear, and listen to an ABBA melody performed by a live orchestra in the center of Florence.

After a packed 3 days of tourist-ing to the absolute max, we made our way from the apartment to the station and caught our final train to the beautiful city of Venice.


Photos taken on a point-and-click, using 35mm film.


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