Pisa, 8th July

We arrived in Pisa after a 3 hour train journey along the West coast; excluding an hour of which was purely spent in the station waiting for a new engine to arrive. The weather in Rome that day was incredibly hot, and whilst we were sat sweatily on a train without air conditioning, we actually had a reasonably nice trip!

We took our heavy bags from Pisa station and made our way to the Airbnb we were staying in, hosted by the loveliest man, Dominico. After settling in we had a super pleasant meal at The Galileo, finishing at around 11:30, before heading out into the night to find the Leaning Tower. Pisa was gorgeously quiet and mild in the evening compared to Rome, which was a lovely after a long day of practically travelling in liquid form.

Seeing the tower and cathedral at night was mesmerising. There were so few people there and the white, marble buildings looked so peaceful against the inky blue sky. We wandered and sat there until about 1am, before heading back for a good night’s sleep.

We visited the tower again the next day, but not before a meal and exploring the city. We found loads of left wing graffiti, which I believe is due to the mass amount of students that reside in Pisa. Sitting underneath the tower and eating 10/10 gelato was really cool and surreal, but we had to leave in order to grab some provisions and catch our train that took us to Florence!


Photos taken on a point-and-click, using 35mm film.


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