Rome, 5-7th July

Giuseppe and I successfully made it back from our holiday, travelling around Italy! We had a super time and managed to capture a lot of photos whilst we were there.

After sleeping in the airport overnight and catching an early morning plane, we arrived in Rome. A lovely lady helped us with our train tickets which took us to the city center. The apartment we stayed in was really neat and our host, Elio, was so kind. We lived off provisions from the supermarket for most meals, but the one time we went out, the power cut out in the restaurant, which made for an amusing evening.

We stayed for 2 full days, giving us time to see the iconic Colosseum, Vatican, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Roman Forum. Everything was really exciting and set us up nicely for the rest of beautiful Italy! One of my favourite parts of Rome, however, was eating at a Biblio Bar by the River Tiper. We were becoming a bit frustrated with the heat and crowds but were saved by a lovely breeze, beautiful pastry and sweet drinks. The cafe was sat right next to some adorable, old fashioned market tents and tiny sparrows dotted about our feet to catch crumbs. It was relieving to sit outside and relax in such a lovely place; I would wholeheartedly recommend visiting it if you ever get the chance.

After our time was well spent, we moved onto Pisa!

The photos here were taken on a point and click camera using 35mm film. Please note that the double exposure was completely unintentional; neither my camera nor myself have the capacity to produce such images deliberately! The film came loose within the body and eventually caught again on the film, creating the photographs.


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