Italy: adventure is out there

Giuseppe and I have been planning this trip for a god damn age and it’s finally here… #DoItaly2016 is almost a go.

The Plan


We fly to Rome, spending a few days there before catching a 3 hour train to Pisa. ‘A 3 hour train journey? That seems ridiculous!’ I hear you cry. Never fear vocally-animated reader who is strangely affected by the transport me and my small friend utilize; the aforementioned journey  runs right up along the West coast, hopefully providing us with a lovely view of the Tyrrhenian Sea for the afternoon!

After a singular day in Pisa, making full use of its wobbly tower, we will then hop on a second train to the beautiful city of Florence. Here we intend to spend the longest amount of time, probably wandering around and taking photos; Giuseppe drinking fancy Italian coffee, me complaining that it’s far too hot for my translucent skin.

The final leg of our trip will take us to Venice, aka Giuseppe’s spiritual home. We hope to visit a few islands on a day’s boat trip, as well as getting lost along Venice’s many streets.

We’re pretty much packed and ready to go; I just need to buy some film and charge my camera!


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