Unsung Heros: a film poem

Back in January my good friend Giuseppe asked me to help him with a college project for which he had to make a film poem. He had an idea of what he wanted the film to show and consequently gave me a little description of what he’d like me to write; this was essentially ‘teddy bears – protectors of the night’.

From this incredibly detailed and informative piece of illustration I was provided with from my Italian companion, we had less than 2 weeks to write and shoot the film.

I really enjoyed helping with the whole process and, whilst there are several things I wish I’d changed in the actual poem, it was new and interesting to write to a deadline and brief. As well as this, the comments Giuseppe received about the film itself were really lovely and it was an exciting experience to see my writing envisioned on screen and be read so beautifully by David.

So here we go:


Unsung Heros


A blanket of darkness falls

the stars take their place once more

and you, child, breathe sleep


Blissfully blind

ignorant to those unruly snakes

who circle the hull of your bed

Terrorising your warm safe dark

with shrieking demons

and snorting nightmares


But they cower and retreat

to their tight ocean floor corners

as your protector stands


Defender of your bedside fort

Unsung heroes of the night



Em Humble

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